About us

vatech mcis

Materials and
Clinic Integrated Solutions

Since vatech mcis, a subsidiary of vatech
Networks, developed a
Dental X-ray imaging
system, vatech mcis has been always
dominating a Korean market for about 20 years.
We have No. 1 market share in domestic market,
and more than
11,000 dental clinics in Korea
use our imaging device and other
dental material.

Since 2009, vatech mcis's CAD/CAM system
has been proven
by a number of users.
vatech mcis Co., Ltd. is now
concentrating on
total CAD/CAM system business including
zirconia materials by acquiring a zirconia
company Acucera Inc.
It has 16 domestic and 8 international
Based on our accumulated sales networks and
experiences, we are constantly improving and
expanding our
dental business in various field.

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